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About Me

Doris and Son, About Delicabeader

I'm Doris Hartle, a self taught Beader and Crafter. I have always been interested in making things out of nothing and was hugely encouraged by my Grand Mother who started me off knitting at the age of three when watching her knitting socks for my Grandad.

She looked at me, seeing how interested I was, pulled two U shaped hairpins from her hair. She handed them to me and a small ball of wool, and bless her taught me to knit.

I then realised how much satisfaction I got from this, I started watching my Mother sewing, always making us new dresses, so I learned to sew. helping Mum with the Smocking on front of the dresses. That showed me the way to Cross Stitch and Embroidery etc.

From Knitting I went to Crochet, to Tatting.

Never satisfied with all that, and knowing there is more to learn out there, I went on to do Pin Art, Oil Painting, Woodwork everything I could learn I did.. 

BUT Beading came at a heavy price.

I lost my wonderful Son in 2012 unexpectedly which effected me terribly.

After months of not moving from my room and not talking to anyone, I decided to help myself get better. I went to a friend who did beading and asked her if I could watch her bead. She said instead of watching her I could make something. She handed me a wooden needle case, some beads, a pattern and a needle & thread.

That's the end of the story as since then seven years ago I have not stopped Beading. I now teach Beading too.

I'm always looking to create something new and if you have something in mind that's not currently showing on my website, chances are I've got it or can quickly make it! So do get in touch if you have any questions or ideas, I'd love to hear from you.